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Want a real tattoo, but not sure what will happen once you have it? How will your parents react? How will your friends react? Will it affect your job? What if you don't like it the next day? What if you see a better tattoo the next day? Will people think you are cool all of a sudden? Will people be scared of you? Will it attract the one you desire?

All these questions can be answered by one simple statement:


It's a very simple process: Don't tell your friends or family what you are doing

Upload the tattoo design you are thinking of getting with the size that you want. Our system will magically turn you image into a tattoo at the size you want. We print and send the same day.

Get your new tattoo and apply it as per the instructions. Add some shine remover. Hit the streets! Shock everyone! Cause a scene! The Guru's tattoos look real. People will not know the difference. They have been used in all sorts of TV, photo and film productions and have fooled everyone. Temporary Tattoo Guru tattoos can last up to two weeks. Keep applying the tattoo every two weeks for a couple of months until you are happy to get the real tattoo. No risk to you, no regrets, cheap, simple and fast.


Raymond Mellick from Australian Airbrushed Tattoos has developed an Amazing Henna Ink that dries in 4 seconds and is suitable for reusable stencils. Seven years ago we invented our Dab Dab Tatts® system which enables you to get the identical look as an Airbrush Temporary Tattoo withut the need for any skill, electricity, gun or compressor. The Ink which is jet Black does not need activation time at all and dries in 4 seconds making you job easy, fun and profitable. The average completed cost of the tattoo is 35 cents and sell for a Minimum of $5.00

We have been manufacturing and selling Fake Temporary Tattoos, providing an Amazing range of Body Art, Custom and In Stock Temporary Tattoos. We sell Instant Perfection same day printed Temporary Tattoos with Free Delivery and FREE Gifts as a thank you for your Business

Being unique and having a product that in day light looks real is the success secret of Amazing Raymond® Temporary Tattoos. We know that you will be absolutely delighted with our Temporary Tattoo Products. Click on all our Temporary Tattoo Products below and please enjoy your shopping today. If you have any question Call us on 0418589792 at any time.

Custom temporary tattoos have always been popular with the event organizers. In fact, they're probably the biggest market for fake tattoos. It's because they know that they're perfect as giveaways. Being giveaways, no one can really spend a lot of money for them. So they're looking for something that is very inexpensive. But they don't want something that looks cheap because they want to be associated with the best imagery possible.

This is the reason why they usually look for the best temporary tattoo manufacturer that they can find. Even if the tattoos are inexpensive, they don't look cheap because of the great quality. But there's another market that's slowly gaining on event organizers as the biggest market for custom temporary tattoos. This market is those who are celebrating milestones in life. So come to think of it, it's everyone. As individuals, we have several milestones in life. We graduate, get married and hopefully reach 50 or even 100 years old. These are just some examples of milestones that we experience in life. These are milestones that should be celebrated and a good way to celebrate them is with fake tattoos.

A reliable temporary tattoo manufacturer can help you out. Let's use weddings as an example. Why not give out custom temporary tattoos as giveaways? Your guests will be surprised in a good way that you're giving them something unique instead of the usual scented candles and the likes. It's the same with your 50th birthday as well. That is something that everyone should celebrate and the celebration should be fun. Using fake tattoos as giveaways is fun and that will reflect on your personality and the reason for the celebration as well. You just need to use a design that is fun and your temporary tattoo manufacturer can help you with that. You could also be a business owner and you can also take advantage of custom temporary tattoos.

If you've been in business for a long time, you probably have loyal customers. There are a lot of ways on how you can repay their loyalty and giving them free stuff is one of them. You can give out fake tattoos thanking them for their loyalty. In addition, you can also use them to celebrate a milestone in your business. For example, you should celebrate your 10th year in business because as you probably know, not all businesses last that long. So what better way to celebrate it than with loyal customers who helped you succeed? You can hold a small party and give out fake tattoos as giveaways.

They should show your logo and the reason for the celebration. It can help you tell your customers that you're still going strong as a business. If you're really think about it, you probably have an upcoming milestone in your life. Better yet, one of your loved ones might have a milestone coming up in one of their lives. So why not contact a temporary tattoo manufacturer to explore your options? You can check out the available custom temporary tattoos to see how you can use them to celebrate your milestone.

You can create a customized one that is special and significant to you and those you are celebrating. Taking time to celebrate a milestone is a way of saying thanks. If you're going to celebrate it, you should be with people who helped you achieve that milestone. Giving them gifts like custom fake tattoos is a great way to thank them. Get a Free Quote and More information on Temporary Tattoos here. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/

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